Fists of Birdie

by Drew Martin

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released August 13, 2010

Mastered by Daniel Greencorn
All other music is written and performed by Drew Martin



all rights reserved


Drew Martin Calgary, Alberta


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Track Name: Bird Fists
You weren't there, but I killed a bird.
I killed it. With a stone. I broke its neck and then I broke its heart. It was all alone
Its not the first. I believe I have a curse for birds and broken bones. If it were alive, i'd sing it a lullaby and whisk it back to its home.

Why'd ya fall.. from the tree? Givin' us nothin' but mystery.
So many thoughts for such a little life.
Were you gonna be a husband?
Or a little bird wife?

Decisions made, oh yeah, on the pavement
Did you even know what the grave meant?

I wanna be sad
But i've seen it before.
This time I had to kill.
There was nothing more.

I write this now hoping you hear this,
Havin' a chuckle or shakin' your bird fists,

Your little Bird Fists, what the hell are they?
Puttin' up a fight, like Rocky Bal Bow Eh!

Rocky Balboweh.
Track Name: Rupert's Land (parts II and III)
Part II

I need a pen that lends itself to good illustration
And a wind powered train that runs across the nation.

And when the train breaks down we'll pick it up in another town.

I need friend that lends itself to good conversation
and an eel eatin' heron as a pet in conservation

And when, the eels are all dead, they'll move on to squids instead

I need a coast for the most sincere of celebrations
Where the water's as calm as a fresh cut lawn's creation. Oh creation.

I need a meal that'll make me feel part of a family
And the meal is not complete without a sauce of cranberry

You gotta, take your time food for thought's not only for the mind

I need a love that I cannot shove aside in vanity
For more reasons than one i'll say it's for my sanity
You're not in the dark Holdin hands lightin' up that spark

Listen to through the cracks for the tracks of your train of thought
don't get caught up in what you have and haven't got,

Part III

Oh Honey, you gotta get out while you can.

I said well honey honey you gotta get out while you can.

No need to simplify it. Deny or categorize it.

Oh Honey you gotta get out while you can.

No need to simplify it. You're gonna know when you can't describe it.

Oh you get off your high horse and i'll get off my ass
Track Name: Cowboy Coffee
Like a whale eatin' krill I drink my cowboy coffee and I shoot to thrill when I do my talkin'. Don't need to say, what already has been said.

And Like a snail in the sea the colour of toffee, siftin' through the sand its how they do their walkin', they get there slow but the get where they need to be. Yea that whale's like you, and that snail's like me.

Pelican a tuna and a pelican a trout. I'll get you by the tail and grab your little snout. I'm all for letting sleeping dogs lie. It all depends on what, what you wanna let die.

And like a rough winged swallow I am prone to follow in through a window 'cause it looks so hollow. Cuttin' through the air like a knife through butter-flies. Yea my wingspan's big, but I got sticks for thighs.

Nothing more scary than a trapdoor spider. He's like all the rest 'cept he's got the gall to hide'er. All the little critters don't know they're in harms way. That spider got tired of the net. Disabled his Facebook page.

And like a pig in shit I eat my bacon. And my heart goes out to my heart that's achin'. Don't deny that it is in our genes. Any other cut will do, as long as it is lean.

There's not a thin line between thirty and fifty. If I get to either one then I'll assume you'll give me all sorts of things and all your lovin' best. It all depends on if lovin's what we do best.
Track Name: Wind in the Trees
Wind in the trees I want to believe in something that is good, yea something that is good.

Hands on the wheel, with a steady keel, oh what a rudder can do. What a little bitty rudder can do.

Condition and come dish out, I don't need you help. It's okay I don't need you help.

A paradox and some nurses. What could be so bad? Yea, what could be so bad?

If I come back, let me a breeze, I want to feel those leaves. Yea I want to feel those leaves.

Maybe not a breeze. Maybe just the leaves. So I can make. yea just so I can make... the most of my year. As time goes by, I'll leave it all behind and let the sun become my guide.

Oh that evergreen, he can be so mean! - Taking everything he needs, not knowing what sacrifice means.

Wind in the trees I want to believe in something that is good, show me something that is good.